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A Roncy Addition Irons Out a Family’s Hectic Routine

Regio & Bauer make backward progress with this open-concept addition to an old house

By Eric Mutrie
Photography by Tom Arban

The overlapping morning routines of a Roncesvalles family meant that someone always had to shower in their Victorian’s basement, accessed via a scrawny staircase. Add to that an overburdened rear entrance and a cramped upstairs bedroom, and it was time to call in architectural designers Reigo & Bauer, masters of flow.

Open concept addition to house

Outside, a preserved portion of the original brick wall meets the 53-square-metre addition’s fresh cladding of metal tiles – black for the first storey and white above. “By going two-tone, we soften the structure’s verticality,” explains co-principal Merike Bauer.

Inside, an open-concept back mudroom built at grade creates a new mid-level, with its sliding glazed door spotlighting a spacious new basement staircase. Up a half-storey, the revamped dining room now sits below a double-height ceiling, with a second-storey window slanted for targeted illumination.

Continue your ascent, and a curved balcony upstairs sweeps past this angular corner en route to an expanded back bedroom. The net result: every family member’s day starts off right.