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Another Great Danish Design Headed for Toronto

Henning Larsen Architects
By Sara Cunningham

Bjarke Ingels isn’t the only Danish starchitect with big plans for Toronto (see what we did there?). Henning Larsen Architects, which recently completed the celebrated “Wave” apartments in Denmark, has designed a 41-storey mixed-use tower with Zeidler Architecture for Ryerson University.

“In a constrained area with soaring real estate prices, 202 Jarvis represents the last significant opportunity for Ryerson to relieve the intense space pressures caused by rapid growth.” – Molly Anthony, Director of Real Estate at Ryerson University

Its plan for 202 Jarvis Street, currently a half-hectare surface parking lot, includes terracing and setbacks perfect for green roofs. Inside, the tower will house the Faculty of Science, including a gallery for science-y student work, and a “pocket” garden by local landscape architects Plant that’s sure to animate the site.

Originally published in our Small Spaces 2019 issue as Great Dane.

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