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Best of Design Week, Day 3: Futuristic Tech and Evocative Dining Spaces

Our favourites from Dinner by Design, plus other Toronto Design Offsite Festival events

Throughout Toronto Design Week, we awarded the top 100 products (& other cool stuff) we spotted with our custom Designlines Loves tags, specially designed by Sali Tabacchi.

Below is the third batch of designs that caught our attention. Keep track of everything we tagged in our master list.


Currentform’s bond-like formation of cubes features zany 3D-printed forms intended to house the next generation of digital technology. The viewer is invited to imagine what future tech might require such vessels (think devices like the iPhone 23).
Tagged by Tory Healy at MAGICBOX, at Coolearth Architecture, 386 Pacific Ave


Opticianado introduced us to a new-to-us design team: Anne Kwon and Nate Asis, or Dualogue. The duo are showing a variety of goods, including the CNC-cut, multi-legged Skeleton coffee table; Wave dishes, made of 3D-printed nylon; and the laser-cut Dot Blanket in wool. We look forward to seeing more from these two.
Tagged by Tory Healy at Nthology:01, at Opticianado, 2919 Dundas St W

Monogram Dinner by Design

“Skin + Bones” is one of ten dining installation at Design Exchange’s Monogram Dinner by Design fundraiser for the DX and Casey House. Architect Guido Costantino’s firm designed nearly every item in the tube-walled space: the paper thin aluminum table, the two Corian “plates” serving 10; the long & skinny candelabra to couple the strip of a pendant above; even the S&P shakers. All of this precision & minimalism in the aptly named set-up focuses the diners’ senses on the meal & evening ahead.
Tagged by Tory Healy at Monogram Dinner by Design, at Design Exchange, 234 Bay St


Created by architectsAlliance, this evocative dining environment was another standout at Monogram Dinner by Design. Staggered, rhythmic rows of white blinds frame an intimate, heavenly space. A bowl filled with multicolored strips of paper acts as a centrepiece and delivers a playful hit of colour in the otherwise all-white room. In recognition of his impact on the design industry, each strip features a different David Bowie lyric.
Tagged by Eric Mutrie at Monogram Dinner by Design, at Design Exchange, 234 Bay St

Monogram Dinner by Design
Photo by Ryan Emberley.

For their Monogram Dinner by Design pop-up, Parker Barrow hand-cast 237 polyurethane tiles based on the custom bricks Frank Lloyd Wright used to build Ennis House. The interiors of Ennis House were used to film Rick Deckard’s apartment in Blade Runner, and Parker Barrow is subtly channeling a Blade Runner vibe with this moody dining room.
Tagged by David Dick-Agnew at Monogram Dinner by Design, at Design Exchange, 234 Bay St

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