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Buy local: Natalie Adamov

Natalie Adamov - Textile Designer

Textile designer Natalie Adamov gets comfortable and chats about her favourite local creatives and her go-to design shops

By Alexandra Caufin

Natalie Adamov was primping pillows as a set stylist when she decided that instead of arranging accessories, she should be designing them. Thus was born tuliP+i, a simple, modern collection of natural-fibre pillows, keepsake blankets and crib quilts. Her own daughter, nicknamed Tulip, acted as the sweet inspiration behind the designs, and still helps mum with the packaging. From $68, at Elte, 80 Ronald Ave.

DL: What’s the best thing about summer in Toronto?
NA: The city and the people come alive. I think we’re all so thrilled to have nice weather, that even the most banal activity is a pleasure. I like to visit the Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview Ave) on the weekends, attend craft shows – when I’m not participating in them – and hit the patios.

DL: Name a local talent worth keeping an eye on.
NA: I really like the work by the duo behind Mason Studio. I was surprised to discover they designed the Marilyn Monroe Cafe in Oakville (350 Lakeshore Rd E). It’s seems like a departure from their previous projects, but I appreciate this aspect of unpredictability and originality.

DL: Who is your all-time favourite designer?
NA: There’s no way I could name just one. However, I love the works of Vincent Van Duysen and Jacqueline Morabito. They create such minimal interiors without ever being too austere.

DL: If money were not an issue, what local retailer would you go to right now and what would you buy?
NA: A sustainably-made home by Superkül Inc. On the wish list: lots of windows, pale oak floors and a large studio on the main floor to accommodate production, act as a showroom as well as indulge my occasional affinity for spray painting found objects. Also, I’d buy Serge Mouille lighting from Hollace Cluny.

DL: What’s your workspace incomplete without?
NA: CBC Radio and fabric scraps. I have a hard time throwing linen out.

DL: What are your favourite uptown shops?
NA: I recently stumbled upon Modern Sense, which carries interesting pieces at reasonable price points.

DL: What’s your favourite uptown sweet spot on a Sunday morning?
NA: I like to stroll over to Butter Avenue (3467 Yonge St) for tasty macarons or La Boheme (2481 Yonge St) for delicious French pastries and coffee.

 Produced by Nina Boccia.

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