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Closet Space: Three Projects Prove Storage is the New Living Space

How an attic, walk-in closet and shed got the junk kicked out of them — so people could move in

By Sara Cunningham

We’re told good things come in small packages. Most homeowners know, however, that when it comes to poky spaces – the cobwebby pantry, cupboard under the stairs, dusty garage – the opposite is true. Far from ‘good things,’ they’re mostly crammed with junk.

Maybe admitting this fact should spark Marie Kondo-inspired cleaning bonanzas in our homes — starting with our pilled novelty sweater collection, and of course, the unlabelled spice jars. But before we start shedding our earthly possessions, one might also ask: should we be rethinking storage – as in the very spots we construct to house our stuff – in the first place? Maybe rather than focusing on how many things we own (seriously, who has time to count socks?) we should be rethinking closet space altogether.

With that in mind, we asked a trio of local creatives — designers and an architect — to tell us how they transformed a closet, attic and shed into wonderfully livable retreats. Below, a case-by-case guide on how to live big in unexpected places.

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