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Collezione Fornasetti Champions Two Italian Design Icons

The line of mosaic wallcoverings is the product of a unique collaboration between tile manufacturer Bisazza and Milanese Atelier Fornasetti

By Designlines
Photography by Bisazza

Surrealist imagery is at the forefront of Fornasetti’s signature style. The design company’s eclectic muses – ranging from the sun and moon to opera singer Lina Cavalieri – are among the frequently displayed motifs that adorn its collection of furniture and accessories. Inspired by the timelessness of these designs, tile designer and manufacturer Bisazza has teamed up with the atelier for Collezione Fornasetti —a vibrant and visually captivating collection of mosaic wallcoverings.

The collection spans four distinct mosaic patterns which, taken apart and reassembled, explore new surfaces, lavish proportions, and remarkable reflections of light. Following the 2022 launch of the Bisazza flagship store in New York City, Collezione Fornasetti is now available to the North American market through select retailers, including Toronto’s own Creekside Tile.

Collezione Fornasetti
Soli a Capri (Blu), Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10×10 mm tiles, 7 colours, design by Fornasetti.

The sun was a favoured subject for Fornasetti founder Piero Fornasetti: surrounded by rays and subtle humour, the imaginary face is none other than a tongue-in-cheek self-portrait. The deep blue colour combination was inspired by the Capri sea and sky and is one of the brand’s most recognizable motifs.

Bisazza Collezione Fornasetti
Soli a Capri (Grigio), Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10×10 mm tiles, 9 colours, design by Fornasetti

In its earth tone variant, Soli a Capri presents a more sophisticated and restrained colour palette. It was assembled using 24kt gold and various shades of glass and enamel mosaic.

The magic, humour, metaphors, and bounty of the Fornasetti compositions are perfectly portrayed in Collezione Fornasetti – expressions of that amalgam of art, design, and luxury, which has long distinguished the style and know-how of the two Italian brands.

Collezione Fornasetti
Ortensia, Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10×10 mm tiles, 24 colours, design by Fornasetti.

Collezione Fornasetti reproduces some of the most iconic Fornasetti images: such as the hypnotic gaze seen through a keyhole, the enigmatic face of Fornasetti’s greatest muse, opera singer Lina Cavalieri who, in the wry  Ortensia pattern, peeks out from behind an explosion of pink and blue petals. BISAZZA.COM

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