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Design Tips From a Makeover Specialist

A wall of porcelain and an undulating ceiling are just a couple of the reasons to pull ideas from the Reflect Architecture-designed space

By Gregory Furgala
Photography by Riley Snelling

Clinics need not look clinical, and Rejuuv Medi Spa’s newest outpost is proof. In lieu of out-of-date magazines and dingy plastic chairs, Trevor Wallace, principal of Reflect Architecture, crafted a look befitting a boutique – one with a pair of design ideas that are easier to apply at home than they look. And, situated on a highly visible stretch in Yorkville, it’s an easy spot to stroll by, peer into and see for yourself.

The back wall would stand out first. What looks like a sheer expanse of rose quartz is actually a series of large-format printed porcelain tiles from Ciot – a lighter, lower-cost option. The second idea is overhead. The wrinkled effect on the ceiling follows the contours of two pairs of engineered steel rails, a design we’ve been assured “wasn’t particularly complicated.” Faux-brass finished steel panels hang off each one at regular intervals, exag- gerating both the overhead curves and the proportions of the space. Consider them easy options for a home facelift. REFLECTARCHITECTURE.COM; REJUUVMEDISPA.COM

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