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Designy Planter Ideas for Indoor Gardening Urbanites


Be proactive and enliven your space by getting into the groove of indoor gardening

I fancy myself a gardener. Every year, I tend to two outdoor beds which I fill with vegetables, herbs and flowers; plus there’s my patch of perennials. Indoor plants however: no dice. Before the summer season abruptly came to end, I decided that I wanted to keep my green-thumbing up, to extend all the feel good emotions it brings me by trying my hand – again – at growing indoors. I did some research and bought the right plants (pet-friendly, low light varieties) and now it’s time to house them in vessels that not only encourage growth but suit my decor. There are a lot of great options in town, fellow Torontonians, but like pets, exercise equipment and paper towels, what’s in stock gets snatched up quick as people prepare to hunker down. Don’t wait until the doldrums of winter are upon us (and we’re in another lockdown) to get your indoor gardening going – create a lively environment now with these planter ideas, available locally.

indoor planter ideas

Indoor Planter Ideas – Furniture for Plants (no joke)!

Left: Ferm Living, a Copenhagen-based design studio, has got the right idea: a good looking, well-made storage unit that’s perfect for the back of the sofa or the foyer (or anywhere your plants want to live, really). There are seven colours to choose from. $399, at Gron + White.

Right: Save valuable space by stacking your plants vertically in this column of rotatable pots. Designed by Afteroom, the all-metal object comes with a heavy weighted base to provide strength and stability. $527, at Design Within Reach.

Get into the Swing of Things: Hanging Pots

Left: I’m in love with Kraft bags as plant holders – I ordered a bunch myself – but this hanging version takes a good idea to a whole other level. Made of poly-coated paper, these planters are sturdy and waterproof. Available in large or small sizes, and silver or tan colours. From $15, at EQ3.

Right: Accentuate your ceiling height without adding bulk with these barely-there leather plant hangers. Handmade in Canada by Maria Angela Forioso, these minimalist hangers add a touch of texture in buttery yellow and khaki brown hues. Set of 2 for $60, at Fabrique 1840.

Indoor Planter Ideas – What a Crock! Inventive Plant Pots

Left: For when ceramic just won’t do. This beaker-like vessel from Holmegaard features a hand-blown frosted glass base, a hand-blown clear glass top and a cork stopper. A wick connects the soil and water, ensuring your plant gets the water it needs, for up to two weeks. Three sizes. From $65, at Studio Pazo.

Right: Earthenware and good drainage – what more could you want? This tasteful take on the classic garden pot was designed by Anderssen Voll for our friends at Mjölk and it facilitates good gardening practices: watering from the bottom promotes healthy root growth. Two sizes. From $55, at Mjölk.

indoor planter ideas

Support Systems – for you and your plant!

Left: Make use of and add intrigue to every spare inch by incorporating an outdoor railing planter indoors – a modern one, in matte grey perhaps? Made of lightweight galvanized steel, this railing planter‘s frame will slip over partial walls and bannisters. $43 (frame sold separately), at CB2.

Right: If you’re looking to lift your plants up and want something a bit more stable and permanent than just a hook with ties, this might be the option for you. Triflora – from the geniuses at Umbra – employs a wall and/or ceiling mountable rod (pots included) to save you precious surface space. $60, at Bergo Designs.

indoor planter ideas

Wall Flowers: Hang those Plants Up!

Left: Oh, but to have a living green wall at home. Umbra is on the case with its Floralink which is essentially a set of three connecting wall vessels that combine to create a grid of your choosing. Made of molded white plastic with brass hardware and super easy to mount. $25, at Neat.

Right: Made in a fair-trade certified facility, these mountable pots are made of aluminum with, your choice, of antique brass or polished nickel finishes (two sizes to choose from). The mix of earthy organics and shiny metal planters will provide your room with beguiling contrast. From $36, at West Elm.

A Little Pick-Me-Up: Plant stands

Left: Make your plant’s presence known (so it’s not knocked over) with a little height. From Capra Designs, this cork number is light and flat packs – an eco-friendly display solution for your favourite plant baby. $120, at 313 Design Market.

Right: Minimal in design but offering major impact, these acacia wood planters nestled in black powder-coated iron stands will really show off your growing skills. Planters and stands sold separately, at Crate & Barrel.

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