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Dress up Your Desk

table lamp

Spice up your workspace with design-forward desk decorations and organizers

By Sophie Sobol

Whether you work from a corporate cubicle, home office or coworking space—or even from the comfort of your bed—cultivating an energizing workstation is key to a healthy work/life balance. For some, rejuvenating a dull, colourless cubicle may be as simple as pinning up a photo of a loved one or tending to an office-friendly potted plant. For others, a design intervention is sorely needed. To inspire design lovers to jazz up their drab desktops, check out these five desk decorations that are both functional and fun.

desk mat

Leather Desk Pad

For a simple but effective workspace upgrade, a desk pad will immediately elevate your setup with a smooth, refined texture. The Leather Desk Pad hand-crafted by Canadian company Ergonofis boasts full-grain leather—the highest quality on the market. Available in hazelnut or black, the 4 mm thick surface is full of the organic imperfections and natural markings that come with the luxury material, making each product one-of-a-kind. $295, at Ergonofis.

desk storage

Draft Storage Box 

Made in Vietnam, this unique oak storage box holds pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and more tall tools. With a sensitive, minimalist design by Toronto furniture and product design firm Studio Marion, this piece is available in either Shallow or Tall. Sold alone or as part of its corresponding storage system, this stackable storage box emanates elegance. $30, at EQ3.

Muji drawer

Acrylic Case 3 Rows Large 

If you have ever shopped at Muji, you know to expect affordable designs with Japanese minimalism – and the Acrylic Case is no exception. The all-transparent Acrylic Case 3 Rows Large is a functional yet still aesthetically pleasing storage solution. But with a casing of transparent acrylic material, remember to be sure the contents look just as chic as their exterior. $40, at Muji.

table lamp

CUP Smart Lamp 

Designed by American industrial designer Paul Loebach for Umbra, the CUP Smart Lamp unites storage and lighting. With over 16 million possible colours plus dimmable controls, this functional lighting product can be controlled manually or wirelessly. Made of steel and polypropylene plastic, this multi-use lamp easily stores stationary while simultaneously brightening the office ambiance. $130, at Umbra.


Aykasa Coloured Crates

Available in three sizes – mini, midi and maxi-, everyone’s favourite colourful, collapsible crates tuck themselves into desk corners and cubbies with ease. Made of recyclable plastic, this product contains no harmful substances. In fact, they are constructed with the same material used in the creation of baby bottles. With over 35 colour options—including tile red, coconut milk and khaki—these bright desk decorations adds a lively pop of colour to your workspace. From $10, at 313 Design Market.

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