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Nuit Blanche 2020

Let’s address the obvious: yes, Nuit Blanche is different this year because roaming the streets all night isn’t exactly appropriate in the current situation. But that doesn’t mean the city’s annual art spectacle is on hiatus. It’s just been sculpted into something new, online.

Actually, make that four things: Nuit Talks, Nuit Podcasts, Nuit Connects and the Nuit Blanche archive. Talks includes panel discussions with artists, curators and scholars; Podcasts features artistic director Julie Nagam interviewing creators about the connections between urban, arctic and maritime landscapes; while Connects will see some AR pieces made available for download, letting participants experience select artworks wherever they happen to be.

Archives, though, may be the most substantial addition. With events dating back to 2006, Nuit Blanche is sitting on more than a decade’s worth of photos and documentation, and as it goes live, viewers will be able to tune in and contribute their own memorabilia as well. And since much of it will be available all year, those art crawls of the past can be re-experienced on individual terms. Click here for more details.

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Starting October 3, 2020