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A Jet-Set Gift Guide for the Always En Route

travellers gift guide

Our big holiday gift guide is the perfect carry-on for world travellers who love design, filled with great presents that are functional and fun

Photography by Naomi Finlay
Styling by Alanna Davey

We put together our big holiday gift guide, perfect for world travellers who love design.

world clock by Korean design studio 11+ - travellers gift guide

World Clock by 11+, $48 at Average
Korean design studio 11+ has made a world clock that changes time zones when rolled on its side. Perfect for time zone hoppers and those who simply want to know, “what time is it in Bangkok?”

Stanley Dopp Kit Roll - travellers gift guide

2 Stanley Dopp Kit Roll, $85 at Labour of Love
Hang this chic leather and denim bag inside your hotel room bathroom for easy access to your grooming tools. When it’s check-out time, simply roll it up and go. Cherry Bomb Socks by Stance

Cherry Bomb Socks by Stance, $25 at Good Neighbour
While the traveller on your list might not need loudly printed socks at home, these cherries come in handy abroad. Mostly, as ice breakers.

Around the World Travel Bag by Kikkerland

4 Around the World Travel Bag by Kikkerland, $25 at Neat
They don’t call it a whirlwind vacation for nothing: sometimes, you need to be reminded of where you are in the world. These world travel bags will help.

Moustache Grooming Kit by Philippi

Moustache Grooming Kit by Philippi, $36 at Bergo
If your jetsetter is also a hipster, this moustache grooming kit is an ideal stocking stuffer.

Owl Sleep Mask by Julien & Emily - travellers gift guide

6 Owl Sleep Mask by Julien & Emily, $30 at Labour of Love
This sleep mask is a godsend on long-haul flights, when you’re forced to spend the night at the airport, or you get invited to a spontaneous animal themed costume party.

Urban Water Bottle by 24Bottles

7 Urban Water Bottle by 24Bottles, $30 at Labour of Love
Staying hydrated is just as critical as staving off hangriness on long trips. Give the gift of stylish water with these urban water bottles.

Zip Wink Pouch

Zip Wink Pouch, $18 at Brika
For the traveller who simply cannot resist a souvenir shop, this cute pouch makes the perfect present. There’s no better place to store your phone, hotel keys, and new Florida-themed keychain collection.

Salsa Air Suitcase

Salsa Air Suitcase, $645 at Rimowa
A multi-wheel, hard case luggage comes in handy when a journey takes a left, or right turn.

Where to Eat Pizza by Phaidon Press

10 Where to Eat Pizza by Phaidon Press, $35 at Good Neighbour
This might be the definitive travel guide of our time. Give away freely.

HFI 580 Headphones by Ultrasone

11 HFI 580 Headphones by Ultrasone, $289 at Planet of Sound
Where would we be without our tunes? Gift these pair along with a mix tape and you’ll land on the good list for many holidays to come.

Hanger by TOMA Objects - travellers Gift Guide

12 Hanger by TOMA Objects, $20 at Made Design
Business class travellers might need to hang a pantsuit or two in the hotel room before the meeting. These wooden hangers have loops for ties, stockings or whatever else you’ll need to cinch the look.

YYZ Luggage Tag by Smitten Kitten

13 YYZ Luggage Tag by Smitten Kitten, $8 at I Have a Crush on You
It’s just as easy to lose your luggage, as it is to forget where you come from when you’re lying on beach. Avoid both mishaps with this tag.

XYZ Flask by Izola

14 XYZ Flask by Izola, $65 at Good Neighbour
Indiana Jones had one, and now, so will your own adventurer. Fair warning: if you can’t read the letters on the front, you’ve had too much.

Utility Pocket Mirror by Good Thing - travellers Gift Guide

15 Utility Pocket Mirror by Good Thing, $29 at Average
This is the most indispensible item on our list. Perfect for checking teeth after a leafy dinner, and spying on the European waiters one invariably falls in love with.



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