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Good on Paper


Wallpaper is making a comeback – but the designs are all new

By Sara Cunningham

“What colour?” shouldn’t be the only question asked when redoing wall treatments, especially since now more than ever gorgeous wallpaper is at our fingertips. So consider the under-asked question, “what pattern?” and read on for our suggestions.


Lay It On

Layers of translucent and metallic tissue paper give the Relic collection from Calico its timeless patina and hand-applied look. Tabla, $34/sq ft., at NewWall.


Fresh Paint

A paint spill by Toronto surface designer Robert Sangster turns this wall treatment into a never-boring sight to behold. Poured, $15/sq ft, at rollout.ca.

Rainbow Bright

Created by UK graphic designer, Simon Page, this kaleidoscopic pattern is a daring statement for just about anywhere. Cuben Rounded, by Flavor Paper, from $12/ sq ft, at Are & Be.

Age of Aquarius

Made by melting tie die ice cubes onto fabric, this dreamy backdrop brings a pleasant wash of colour to kids’ bedrooms. Peace Purple, $4/sq ft, at muralswallpaper.com.

Handmade Tale

Until recently, these hand-painted wall coverings by Toronto’s Moss & Lam were only glimpsed in froufrou hotels – now, they adorn homes as well. Geo, price upon request, at primaverafurnishings.com.

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