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Happy Holidays from Designlines

Let’s slip into the holidays with a good read, and bid goodbye to 2020 with a “hip hip hooray!”

By Designlines

Kick back, drink some nog, take a deep breath or two (or a zillion). You’ve earned it. As this most challenging of years winds down – and Designlines takes a break until January 4, 2021 – we’re leaving you with some of the most interesting stories we’ve covered to make your holidays even more inspiring.

The Designer of the Year 2020

This year, Superkül took the crown for its super contemporary and innovative private homes – and its cool additions to the city’s public realm, too.


White Heat

Johnson Chou and Silke Stadtmueller’s Woodbine Heights home is a visual marvel, despite a near-total absence of colour.


Right Angles and Living Lab

Two ambitious and heartwarming tales of four friends, three businesses and two loft homes – designed by Public Studio – on not-so-conventional Geary Avenue.

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