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A True-Blue Addition to a Mississauga Bungalow

How an architect lent some functional curb appeal to his house

By Eric Mutrie
Photography by Doublespace

Eager to introduce a buffer between his young family’s Mississauga home and the loud street it sits on, architect Joey Giaimo devised a fortifying 40-square-metre addition. “The original house is a strong, simple geometric form,” he explains. “We wanted to complement and contrast that.” Long strips of steel echo the wooden planks of the existing property’s exterior wall, while their bold blue palette gives the modern component novel curb appeal.

doublespace photography

Enter the addition and the tone shifts from cool metal to warm wood. Undulating ceiling gussets in maple veneer plywood accentuate another surprise: a sloped roof, secretly tucked behind the outer frame’s parapet to help with drainage. Below this, a quartet of stepped two-metre-wide platforms charts a gradual ascent from grade up to the floor level of the existing property. Most importantly, by having his original bungalow’s north-facing windows now open into this skylit corridor-turned-kids’-quarters, Giaimo trades traffic noise for the sounds of afternoon play. Peace at last. GIAIMO.CA

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