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Mirror Image

Jade Rude reimagines the ordinary in bold gold

By Nina Boccia
Photography by Naomi Finlay


When Jade Rude isn’t fabricating props or sets for department store titans, she spends time in her “lab,” creating the concepts for her objets d’art. There, she has taken over the spare room in her meticulously organized Queen West apartment and lined it with white bookshelves, where among the spines are remnants of her first mirrored projects.


Minimalist forms – a nod to her Scandinavian roots – and glistening acrylic mirror surfaces are Rude’s trademarks. Inspired by a philosopher of space, Gaston Bachelard, she reinterprets banal items in a playful way that often involves illusions or trompe l’oeil. Gilded picture frames are displayed photoless; the phrase “Hold Me” is found on pillow covers, words overlapping in suggestive playfulness; and 2-D trophies are engraved with lyrics from the Bad Religion track “Die Like a Champion.” Her provocative forms call attention to our relationship (or rather, obsession) with ourselves, the material world and our perception of space.


Her postcard sized “You Look Great” gold-mirrored, acrylic stickers are plastered all over the city. They cause passersby to stop in their tracks, pleasantly surprised by the unexpected affirmation. Both precious and bold, Rude has super-sized this piece, as well as “Hold Me,” in oversized illuminated acrylic, for local architects and homeowners.


Gold frames, from $60; “Do What You Want” trophies, from $80; “Hold Me” pillowcases, $45 each, all at Made, 867A Dundas St W.

Originally published in our Winter 2012 issue.

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