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Ikea’s Latest Dog and Cat Home Collection is Pawfect

LURVIG was designed with pet needs — and human tastes — in mind

By Sara Cunningham
Photography by Ikea Canada

They say pets resemble their owners. But when it comes to design, our loyal companions are way behind humans. In modern households, Fluffy’s bedding, toys and bowls — while practical — can be hard on the eyes. My dog, for example, sleeps on a ratty kid’s comforter we found in the basement ( and loves it, by the way).

The good news is that the design community is starting to turn their attention downwards — to our four-legged friends. Some high end options from brands such as Casper, who recently debuted this beautiful dog bed are changing the game. For fashionable pet parents on a budget, though, there are still very few big box options.

That’s where Ikea’s refreshed collection, LURVIG, swoops in. With Scandinavian-inspired homewares for cats and dogs that reflect the Swedish store’s minimalist aesthetic, you might actually want to show off your fur ball’s trinkets.

Take the cat scratching mat, $8, that transforms table legs into a safe, fun and discreet toy for your feline and their fabric-hungry claws – banishing stand alone posts for good.

Lurvig Ikea dog and cat bed designlines

Other items are cute dupes of Ikea’s human fruniture range. For example, the fold out pet bed, $60, is modelled on the popular Klippan sofa. This mini couch is comfy, secure and even comes with an optional graphic cover, $20, that makes a surprisingly chic addition to neutral-toned, Nordic living rooms. (It’s like an accent pillow for your pet!)

And, because I am clearly a dog person, let’s take a closer look at the Lurvig stainless steel dog bowls. They come in three sizes, from $4 each, with a no-slip base that helps prevent water spillage and flying kibble during those frenzied mealtimes. Plus, they’re actually pretty sleek compared to your average dog bowls. (Like, would anyone at the office even notice if you started using one as a salad bowl?) And, best of all, they’re more affordable than many other dog bowls on the market.

Okay, fine, we’ll give one more to the cats. The cat house, $7, slips into the Kallax shelving unit, an Ikea classic that many people already have at home. Perfect for condo and apartment dwellers, it’s also pretty darn adorable — and that’s coming from a sworn dog person.

Browse the full Lurvig collection here. Plus, if you’re looking for more gratuitous canine content, check out this roundup of the best architectural photography featuring pup models. Have a cute picture of your dog in a modern setting? Tag us on Instagram @designlinesmagazine and we’ll double tap & repost. 

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