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Mason Studio x Rollout’s Lovey-Dovey Wallpaper

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a wallpaper pattern that makes a play for our hearts

By Eric Mutrie

When it comes to livening up that drab wall, perhaps love is all you need.

Interior design firm Mason Studio and wallpaper manufacturers Rollout collaborated on this high-impact covering. Originally created to serve as the backdrop to our booth at last month’s Interior Design Show, the romantic pattern’s heart motif developed as a response to our annual Designlines Loves campaign. (Each Design Week, we award custom Love tags to our 100 favourite designs.)

Heart drawings done by each of Mason’s designers are sparsely placed towards the top of the canvas but become more densely layered closer to the bottom of the print, creating a striking gradient effect. For added impact, the design is printed by Rollout on high-quality vinyl in an eye-catching hot pink hue. The result is an illustrated love letter that skews closer to abstract pop art than mushy greeting card aisle graphics.

During IDS, a strip of the wallpaper was fastened with giant bull clips to our black wireframe show floor setup, complementing white planters filled with fresh flora and towering stacks of our latest issue.

The pattern is now available by custom order. Contact Rollout for pricing.

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