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7 Modern Bathroom Designs Chock-Full of Inspiring Takeaways

From contemporary to classic, these loos are worth a look

By Designlines

Given the vast amount of time spent at home these days, you’ve probably either gotten bored of your space, picked apart its flaws or identified what can be improved (or maybe all three). If your bathroom meets any of these criteria, read on for some inspiration from local architects and designers who have elevated it into a modern, spa-like setting to truly unwind in.

Modern Bathroom
Photo by Angus Fergusson.

1. White on White

When we last featured from Boychuk Fuller, they had just completed a “treehouse” renovation of their Parkdale attic. Here they spotlight a very different aesthetic: “simple, functional and squeaky clean.” Read the story here.

Modern Bathroom
Photo by Gillian Jackson.

2. Forest Bathing

This lofty bathroom by Ancerl Studio considers the Maple tree canopy at every turn: from branched tiles to soaring windows (don’t worry, there’s a privacy screen). Read the full story here.

Modern Bathroom
Photo by Révelateur Studio.

3. All In

Post Architecture, who recently completed this awesome bungalow transformation, worked with Analogue Design Studio on this peaceful loo, where a freestanding tub steals the show. Read the story here.

Photo by Scott Norsworthy.

4. Sky’s the Limit

Most of us wouldn’t think of adding a skylight to a powder room. But Cab Architects, the duo behind this brilliant kitchen storage idea, aren’t typical designers. Read the full story here.

Photo by Arnaud Marthouret.

5. Schvitz-Inspired

This modern Scandi-style bathroom by Design Architecture Everyday features a muted palette and contrasting textures. Knobbly white floor tiles are functionally anti-slip (and, in the shower, cast in periwinkle blue), while the vanity features smooth matte porcelain. See it here.

Photo by Dale Wilcox.

6. Starchart

This AAmp Studio-designed bathroom has an oblique take on a nautical theme, with the classic blue and white palette paired with an uncharacteristic – though navigationally appropriate – series of starbursts. Though not related to seafaring, the matte black fixtures inject a contemporary look and feel into the space. See the full home here.

Photo by Cindy Blažević.

7. Magic Eye

No, you won’t see an image hidden in the melange of colour, but we’re still fans of Vanessa Fong‘s stylishly scattered (and altogether modern) take on classic bathroom mosaic tiles. See the full home here.

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