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Area Rugs Inspired by Intense Nature


Beautifully designed rugs inspired by nature. Carpets by Henzel Studio, BoConcept and Rug Star capture the allure of the outdoors

 Nature inspired rugs henzel studio - Nan Goldin

Photographer Nan Goldin is best known for capturing the highs and lows of relationships. Her collaboration with Henzel Studio depicts two symbols of love – roses and red wine – in hand-knotted wool and silk measuring 1.8 by 1.8 metres. $9250, at Relative Space

Finding Nemo - koi rug star

German designer Jürgen Dahlmanns reflects on the moody stillness of a garden pool at nighttime. Neon-pink koi fish glow against a jet-black background on his 1.8 by 2.7-metre wool and silk tapestry for Rug Star. $8750, at Weavers Art

Sense of Scale carpet - BoConcept

The cold-blooded look has never been hotter. BoConcept’s 1.7 by 2.4-metre Katla rug inspired by nature, mimics the glam patterning of reptile skin in PETA-friendly viscose. Bask in the glow of its rich golden hue. $1890, at BoConcept

Nature inspired rugs - totem rug

Geology meets geometry thanks to local designer Robyn Waffle, who lays a structured diamond grid pattern on top of a rippling puddle of petroleum in this 1.5 by 2.1-metre hand-knotted, wool-and-silk-blend design. $3450, at Totem Design Co., 234 Sunnyside Ave

Nature inspired rugs - w studio

Resembling an aerial view of a rugged mountain range surrounded by water, this 2.4 by 3.1-metre wool and silk carpet inspired by nature is perfect for outdoorsy adventurers who frequent their neighbourhood rock-climbing gym. $8000, at W Studio


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