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Ned Pratt’s Place Coming To Nicholas Metivier Gallery

Ned Pratts Place

Nicholas Metivier Gallery’s latest exhibition lenses the awe-inspiring landscape of Newfoundland

By Joseph Cicerone

Opening this week, Nicholas Metivier Gallery in Moss Park will host the latest collection of photography from East Coast photographer Ned Pratt. Titled Place, the work concentrates on the locations that are most meaningful to Pratt, including the stark and rugged terrain of Cape Pine and iconic landmarks near his home on the Avalon Peninsula.

Place by Ned Pratt
McCarthy Brothers, 2022

Pratt’s lifelong connection to Newfoundland is profoundly ingrained in his artistic practice. Through a process of long and repeated observation of its landscape, Pratt finds colour and shape in unexpected locations to create his minimal and abstract compositions. In Place, complex and unrelated elements are bound together in visual harmony and feature both rural and urban subjects.

Ned Pratt
Bottom of the Loop, 2022

Over the past year, Pratt has focused his time on areas that are most familiar to him, those near his home on the Avalon Peninsula. His familiarity and personal connection with the locations he explores in Place infuse his photographs with a deep sense of intimacy and tranquility. The photography exhibit will be on view at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery from March 2 – 25, 2023.

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