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Surprise, We’ve Already Broken Our New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

As a new year begins, our bunny-obsessed art director, 80s-phobic editor-in-chief and other members of the DL extended family share their housekeeping aspirations (and failures) for 2018

By Sara Cunningham

Alexandra Caufin, Writer

“I’ve looked around my apartment and thought, yikes.”

Are you living up to your New Year’s Resolutions so far, or is it business as usual?
Considering I spent literally all day yesterday cleaning my one-bedroom apartment, I’d say the former. I definitely have my weeks of failed adult-ing, when I look around my apartment and think, man, if someone stops by right now, yikes.

What’s your new housekeeping mantra?
I’m trying to embrace minimalism, because I feel like we’re always being encouraged to buy, buy, buy. I often say, “I need this” and then I realize this is almost never true of the things I’m buying. Redefining necessity versus wants/buying out of boredom is a big goal for me this year.

Vicky Lee, Art Director

“I have a weakness for bunny-shaped things.”

What habits are you ditching this year?
My husband and I are responsible for cleaning our own areas of the house. It’s a good system, but in practice our schedules never match up, so one half of the house is always cleaner than the other. I think we could sync up better.

What’s your design ride-or-die?
My bunny collection.

Simon Lewsen, Writer

“I can always just pick up some cactuses across the road.”

What’s your housekeeping goal for 2018? 
I’m an aspiring minimalist. When I purge, books and magazines are the first things to go. I’m a print-media enthusiast, but I can love print media without having it fill every vacant space in my home. Books are wonderful. They’re not sacred.

What’s your go-to reset button for a new year?
Buying plants is a low-risk way to change the scenery at home without investing in furniture or original art. Don’t get me wrong, I like art and furniture too, but if I’m looking for a quick, cheap reset, I can always just pick up some cactuses across the road.

Tory Healy, Editor-in-Chief

“Can we give the Golden Girls look a rest?”

What bad habits do you want to ditch in 2018?
I really need to grow out of piling up clothes, books and magazines.

What are your design / housekeeping goals this year?
My design goal is to switch up the art on my walls and to buy a new sofa. As for housekeeping, I’d like to tackle one clutter or cleaning task each day as opposed to dealing with it all week’s end.

Which design trends should we ditch in 2018?
Late 1980s Florida decor. Can we give the Golden Girls look a rest?

Matthew Hague, Writer

“I’m trying to live judiciously in a 77-square-metre condo.”

Which relics of 2017 are you still hoarding? 
Back issues of the New Yorker, the angsty journals I kept as a teenager, the angsty-er journals I keep today (one day I’ll write a book, and no one will be spared!)

What are you ditching?
Letters from exes. Holiday sweaters from my mom.

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