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Masterline 8 by Tiltco

With enhanced performance, Tiltco’s Masterline 8 window is both efficient and beautiful.

The Canadian window and door experts at Tiltco have done it again — the latest in their line of exceptional glazing systems, the new Masterline 8 leads the charge in oversized window settings with sophisticated insulation technology. With the Masterline 8 model, efficiency and performance are key: its platform, complete with a 40mm thermal break, ensures a  Uf value of 1,9 W/m²K, keeping heat or conditioned air in the space without transferring. Thanks to this increased level of protection, no additional insulating gaskets are necessary — this creates a highly performing and profitable window system, which will last for decades with little maintenance, and keep electrical costs down. 

With a standard insulation level composed of profiles with polyamide insulation bars and EPDM weather gaskets, this glazing system provides superior performance and design for both residential and commercial applications — a perfect fit for any kind of project. Tiltco’s 30+ years of experience in servicing and installation will guarantee a seamless process — with a team of industry professionals providing guidance along the way. Tiltco’s in-house qualified, on-site installation instructors ensure that custom windows, doors and curtain walls are installed to the highest standard. Tiltco also offers this window and door solution on a fast lead time: part of the company’s stock program, the Masterline 8 can be procured on a quick timeline for your most pressing construction needs. 

In addition to these impressive features, the MasterLine 8 standard combines water tightness of 1200Pa, air tightness of 600Pa with air loss reduction of 80%, as well as excellent thermal values and glass weights up to 200kg for a turn-tilt window. It’s an ideal solution for residential buildings built in humid and hot conditions, as well as lakefront properties. And of course, Tiltco never forgets the main attraction: their oversized aluminum windows provide breathtaking views of the surrounding vistas — be it forest, lake or street. 

*Please call the location prior to visiting to confirm their hours, policies, and availability of the product.



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