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Your Super Friendly Design District Guide – Queen East

We asked our friends at the local showrooms in Queen East where best to eat, drink and discover. Because who knows better than the purveyors of great design?

By Designlines

Queen East is know for family-friendly and vintage shopping, but there are some totally modern design spots as well.

Word of Mouth

1 “We go to Tabule (810 Queen St E) religiously as the high quality of the food is always on point, the service friendly and efficient and the menu is kept fresh with new additions.” – Stefan Weishaupt, Avenue Road

2 “I just love hanging out at Gare De L’est (1190 Dundas St E) because the peeps are amazing. I sit at the chef’s bar, see my food being done, talk to the kitchen and generally am really entertained.” – Glenn Boccini, Dark Tools

3 “Mengrai Thai (82 Ontario St). Ignore the usual Asian restaurant’s phone book-sized menu. Flip to the ‘Chef Sasi’s Royal Cuisine’ page.” – Regina Sheung, Labour of Love

4 “Our favourites are Pinkertons (1026 Gerrard St E) and their sibling bar across the street, Poor Romeo (1029 Gerrard St E). We really love the relaxed atmosphere and great selection of drinks.” – Katey Simerson, MachineAge Modern

Must-Stop Shopping Spots

5 “Queen Books (914 Queen St E) is such a warm and inviting space, plus it has a huge kids’ section for all the little bookworms.” – Katey Simerson, MachineAge Modern

Augustus Jones

6 “Not only does Leslie Zysman of Eclectisaurus (249 Gerrard St E) have good taste, she is also very passionate and knowledgeable in her trade. Every single piece comes with a story! And Augustus Jones (33 Davies Ave). I love all their sexy chairs, especially ones that are designed for Prostoria.” – Regina Sheung, Labour of Love

7 “Pro Glo Paints (943 Queen St E) – I’m always inspired by the beautiful colours!” – Denise Zidel, Snob

8 “KASPACE (185 Carlaw Ave). Kevin Allwood’s ethical fashion is innovation with the right core values. The large white space showcases its array of articles ranging from clothing (ready-to-wear to couture) to photographic art in the most interesting and appealing way.” – Anthony Boulus, Kids at Home

9 “Good Neighbour (1029 Gerrard St E) is awesome, well-curated men’s and women’s ‘hipster clothes.’” – Glenn Boccini, Dark Tools 

10 “We worked with Stemz (30 Saulter St) on The Four Seasons pop-down for TIFF and they created an environment with their florals that took our breath away.” – Stefan Weishaupt, Avenue Road

Sights Worth Seeing

11 “Streetcar Crowsnest (345 Carlaw Ave) is a new multi space dedicated to performance art and event hosting. Home to two theatres, a bar and restaurant, it’s a nice edition to culture in Leslieville.” – Katey Simerson, MachineAge Modern

12 “In the summer time, I love to visit the courtyard at The Berkeley Castle (250 The Esplanade) and 2 Berkeley Street for picnics. And nearby is the courtyard at the Berkeley Street Theatre (26 Berkeley St). Must see.” – Regina Sheung, Labour of Love 

13 “Degrassi is a cool little side street to stumble upon. I love the red brick Victorian houses. Also, Hideaway Park (23 Audley Ave) is a nice spot to stroll through with the family on the weekend.” – Aziz Alam, Good Neighbour

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