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Stocked with pieces by legendary designers and icons-in-waiting, Drechsel Studio is a must-visit for lovers of clean, contemporary design.

There’s a familiar quality to Drechsel Studio. The newest collections from well-known, much-loved labels like Nanimarquini, Sancal and Wendelbo are on display and composed into vignettes throughout the space, each one reminding patrons of the functionality and understated beauty that mid-century design can bring to any home. Visit the showroom, and you’re sure to pick out a handful of authentic favourites.Drechsel StudioDrechsel Studio doesn’t just stock the well-known classics, though. Established in 2017 by Drechsel Business Interiors, this design studio’s collections reflect the human form and respond to today’s “work, live, play” mentality. Along with the long-established labels, newer manufacturers in the mid-century vein, including Woud (established in 2014), Neo/Craft (2014), Friends & Founders (2013) and more are on offer as well.So while wandering around, get inspired by the creative, avant garde forms of DS’s modular sofas, including Sancal’s La Isla, and Verpan’s Welle – a low, undulating seating landscape with six different mix-and-match units. Accent pieces like Gärsnäs’ Hedwig armchair make for an elegant finish to living spaces, while more substantial pieces, like Asplund’s Luc collection, are bold ways to start them off. Rooted in the tradition of functional, everyday design, storage systems like Engelbrechts’ modular Poise family are on offer, as well.

Drechsel StudioTimely Design

When describing the exterior of an AKB-designed family home in North Toronto, studio co-founder Kelly Buffey said she wanted it to be “authentic to our time.” Her goal could very well translate to the interior, as well. Amid rift-cut white oak flooring, striking contemporary art and ample natural light, mid-century-style pieces sourced from retailers across Toronto, including the Extenso II, an eight-person dining table by Arco from Drechsel Studio, feel perfectly situated in both place and time – visual proof that some design simply doesn’t get old.



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