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Soft Minimal by Norm Architects

The first self-curated monograph by Norm Architects explores a sensory approach to architecture and design

By Designlines
Photography by courtesy of gestalten

Whether it be architecture, interiors, or furniture, Norm Architects‘ unique brand of soft minimalism speaks to the mind as much as the body. Inspired by such, the Copenhagen-based studio published its first issued collection of work this summer appropriately titled Soft Minimal.

Flipping through its pages, you’ll discover a range of works which have established Norm’s position as a key figure within Nordic design. Presenting residential and commercial projects throughout Scandinavia, Italy and Japan, its collection reflects on Nordic traditions, modernist principles, and the importance of natural materials.

Stunning visuals are brought to life alongside details of the studio’s artistic process. A perfect book to display in communal areas where it will be continually discovered, Soft Minimal is insightful, inspirational, and deeply poetic. GESTALTEN.COM

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