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3 Bathrooms Made For Elevated Self-Care


When you can’t go to the spa, bring the spa home

There’s no better time for self care and at-home pampering than right now, but while renovating your bathroom to the lofty standard set by private spas may be inadvisable right now, consider the examples below as inspiration for when you do.


Yes, privacy in bathrooms in paramount, but ample light and naturalistic elements can transform the space from something functional into something memorable. Understanding this, Ancerl Studio installed floor-to-ceiling windows – which can be partially covered because, you know, it’s still a bathroom – that break down the connection between inside and out, while richly veined marble tiling evokes the maples just outside. See the build here.

Keep it Simple

The Design Architecture Everyday-designed bathroom may be more about what it isn’t than what it is. It’s not hindered by bulky hardware, nor is it overloaded with patterns. Instead, a simple partition clad in the same textured white tile as the floor, wall and vanity divides the space, creating distinct areas for showering and bathing. Periwinkle blue tile on the shower side and blonde hardwood accessories stand out, but don’t dominate. See the calming space here.

Heritage Modern

Despite a heritage designation stipulating an unchanged roofline and dormer, architect Anya Moryoussef transformed the unused attic of a Yorkville Victorian into a sprawling, light-filled home spa. A vanity wall, clad in cream-coloured tile, pink oak and pale grey marble, preserves privacy without hindering natural light, while a bench, clad in the same, runs the length of the space, providing both function and continuity. See the full photo set here.



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