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Gothic Revival


Architect Trevor Wallace hit all the right notes in his own gallery-chic kitchen reno adding a sense of drama to the house.

Architect Trevor Wallace hit all the right notes in his own gallery-chic kitchen reno. He and his wife Emily have taken their time fixing up the house they purchased four years ago, revamping things in stages. It was definitely worth the wait for this dramatic yet comfortable kitchen, which transforms from busy family workspace in the daytime to cozy hangout in the evening. One of Wallace’s goals was to better integrate the room with the back yard, so it was dropped down a couple steps to align with the patio outside. Integrating a modern kitchen into a Cabbagetown Victorian was a fun challenge.

gallery-chic kitchen Reno at Metcalfe house by REFLECT ARCHITECTURE

Open shelving against a wall of scraped Carrara marble adds subtle texture. Light fixture, David Groppi; honed slate counter, Stone Tile; shelving, Filo Timo.

“There is a sense of drama in the house,” says Wallace. “The Victorian windows are tall and narrow giving it a nice light.” The solution was to echo the home’s gothic nature with a moody vibe, considered palette and long, lean proportions. For all its good looks, the kitchen has a plethora of functional details: the island tapers back at 80 degrees to avoid any stubbed toes; the aluminum shelving rolls back too, making for a unique shape that helps to soften the transition to the outside; and integrated LED lighting beneath the shelving gives a bold downward wash of light at a pleasing 45 degrees. REFLECTARCHITECTURE.COM

Metcalfe Residence walk to the outdoor

Architect Trevor Wallace of Reflect Architecture layered in both dramatic and practical lighting. Stools, e15.



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