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Home Makeovers to Inspire Your Next Reno


11 local projects that transformed outdated interiors into modern digs

As housing prices continue to rise, many Toronto homeowners are considering renovations a wiser way to spend their money and enhance their living spaces. Catered to individual needs, home makeovers are perfect for those seeking a change in setting, without bearing the hassle (and fees) of moving. Thinking of a reno? To spark some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 11 of our favourite renovations in the city.

IN8 Design condo

White Out

This kitchen and bath reno by IN8 Design Inc. completely transformed a Rosedale condo into a fuss-free and modern living space. The streamlined project features clean lines and embraces a sprawling white theme complimented by vibrant pops of teal and black, while white oak flooring and detailing on the island warm things up.

Wanda Ely redo

Art-Deco Meets Modern

Over 100 years after it was built, Architect Wanda Ely put a unique twist on an old Toronto Semi, creating a dynamic fusion of its inhabitants’ conflicting tastes: contemporary modern and Art Deco. Despite its tight quarters, the renovation project maximizes all 1,500-sqaure-feet of the home and is intricately layered with warm colours and fine detailing to cohere each individual element.

post architecture renovation

Balancing Act

When tasked with renovating a rundown Victorian semi, Gloria Apostolou and Jennifer Kominek achieved a perfect balance by honouring traditional details while incorporating a much-needed modern twist. The subtlety of the contrasting elements, such as unlacquered brass inlays and marble mosaic flooring, complement one another through this transitional design.

Asquith Architecture

Life’s Better on the Beach

When it comes to home makeovers, cohesiveness is key. Asquith Architecture renovated this 2000-square-foot home located in The Beaches with exactly that in mind. While the addition of a bold skylight illuminates the space with warm natural lighting, white-oak cabinetry and smooth black granite countertops were an essential in the new and inviting kitchen.

Atelier Sun home

Meditative Minimalism

Atelier SUN has a roster of stunning home makeovers under its belt. So, when the task came to remodel an outdated East York home into a functional yet minimalist two-storey oasis, the interior design studio hit the ground running. Fluted oak veneer panels divides space yet maintain an open-concept, while hidden storage space beneath the stairs keeps the 290-square-foot cluster free. A lack of visual-noise creates an environment where dwellers can escape everyday stressors and enter a world of tranquility.

Wayback Architects renovation

Southern Charm

What began as a simple kitchen renovation, turned into a near-total home makeover of this humble Georgian. Transforming the kitchen, attic and main floor, Wayback Architects were inspired by the homes original library, integration of deep oak outlines, a gallery-worthy staircase and elegant stained-glass windows.

Suzanne Dimma loft reno

Irresistibly Industrial

Unhappy with the lacklustre interior of their Lesliveille loft, an East End couple hired Suzanne Dimma to take on a major renovation. Her approach: to refresh the space while upholding its industrial edge. The home now features a striking black and white colour palette, an organic flow of light and unique varying textures that emulate warehouse-style millwork.

Gloria Apostolou city home

Out With the Old, in With the New

For the owners of this Annex Condo, Post Architecture’s Gloria Apostolou stood up to the challenge of transforming its interior, ridden with outdated ‘70s design elements. Leveraging skillful millwork and a brightening silver-blue paint, Apostolou was able to reclaim functional space and create a sense of modernity despite the building’s age.

Odami Toronto

Rise and Shine

Large windows are considered a luxury for condo dwellers in Toronto’s downtown core. So, it’s easy to understand why Odami chose to make the new sunroom a focal point of this two-bedroom unit. Framing a view of the St. James Cathedral, deep green walls and leafy details have turned this space into the perfect retreat to unwind.

Six Four Five A rebuild

Super Suburban

After a young family requested their cramped bungalow be turned into a modern split-level, architectural firm Six Four Five A took on one of its sleeker home makeovers. The firm’s Scandinavian design approach aimed to honour one of the country’s first post-war suburbs—Streesville in Mississauga. Plus, a 300-square-foot rear addition nearly doubled the house’s total area, creating a new sense of functionality in the home.

R&B design

Formal Attire

It would have been wrong to demolish and rebuild this Forest Hill home—one of the first built in its neighbourhood. Therefore, the homeowners looked to Reigo & Bauer for a transformative renovation. Inspired by the classic timelessness of a tuxedo, the designers implemented a sharp black and white colour palette that gave this project an enchanting elegance.



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