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How This High Park Home Uses Tile and Stone for Visual Interest


On the second floor of a renovated Tudor, INDA Interiors teaches the transformative appeal of tile and stone

Whether it’s a mosaic bathroom feature, an eye-catching kitchen backsplash, or a grand marble floor in a foyer, tile and stone bring an undeniable sense of luxury and elegance to any space. Their durability and longevity ensure that the visual appeal they create lasts for years, making them an excellent investment for residential settings. Tasked with the second-floor renovation of a Tudor home in High Park, design studio INDA Interiors opted for high-impact tile and stone features in an ensuite and secondary bathroom. The result is a transitional-style scheme that gets more and more interesting the closer you look.


In the home’s second-floor bathroom, Perla Venata quartzite from Marble Trend sums up the simple and harmonious beauty of a material that magnifies the space with subtlety, elegance and luminosity. Streamlined as a wall feature, shelf, countertop and sink, the stone’s natural characters present themselves in different ways depending on what angle you’re observing it from.

In the shower, visible through a translucent glass door, off-white Masia Crackle Blanco tile from Centura Tile is paired with brass hardware to curate a farmhouse-style feature in the space. Elora Terrazzo from Geon Tile makes a fitting contrast for the shower floor. In a careful flow between old-world charm and new-world practices, the bathroom ultimately achieves a timeless aesthetic where white walls are a perfect backdrop for natural stone elements to steal the show.

Boho Home Renovation

The overarching inspiration behind renovating the second story of this Tudor home in High Park was to modernize the interior within the boundaries of its heritage, hence the heavy use of tile and stone.

Blue Tile Bathroom

In the principal ensuite, a bolder use of tile makes the bathtub and shower feature truly come to life with a cool infusion of teal. Joanna Smeeth, founder and principal designer of INDA Interiors, chose Fireclay Tile‘s Tidewater for its ocean-like hue and smooth matte finish. From floor to ceiling, the colour-pop makes a statement, running from inside the enclosed shower out and across the bathroom wall. Pulling from the white grout framing of each individual tile, white hardware was used throughout the shower and paired with a matching white soaker tub and towel heater. By choosing soft and simple elements throughout the rest of the ensuite, the space’s teal dream isn’t too much or too little for the eyes, but just right.

How To Use Tile and Stone

Drawing eyes across the room, Calacatta Capraia from Marble Trend makes for a strong and distinct vanity countertop. It features the typical characteristics of Breccia Capraia with a warm white ground – tending to the colour of Statuario – with a pattern of veining which can present as either purple-red, iron grey or even green. 

Beyond a visual feast of inspiration, this project teaches the importance of using stone and tile to drive key design principles such as pattern, contrast, balance, emphasis and variety. And most importantly, to have fun while doing it. INDAINTERIORS.COM



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