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A Reclaimed Storage Room Turned Star Wars Spectacular


The space-age storage solution was led by Design Matrix Inc.

In a galaxy far, far away – or at least just outside the GTA – Design Matrix Inc. had to get creative for their hobbyist collector client. Seeking a new scheme for some unused storage space, the client was set on building an out-of-this-world environment that could incorporate both closed storage and display units for their extensive collection of Star Wars collectables. The firm decided to transform the T-shaped room into an intergalactic spacecraft. “We’ve had the pleasure of creating many unique designs from furniture to custom features to hidden cabinetry,” says Tania Romao-Readings, senior designer at Design Matrix Inc. “But this project took us all to a whole new level.”

Star Wars Storage Room

In collaboration with master cabinet-maker Tony Hindle of Hindle Finishing Systems, storage units were created to suit the client’s dream spacecraft. For Hindle, whose childhood dream was to be an astronaut, the project was a walk down memory lane. Tapping into the inspiring sci-fi work of George Lucas gave him the drive to produce what turned out to be a highly detailed outcome.

Home Renovation

Automated sliding doors greet you in the hall lined with custom millwork stanchions. With the sound effects of a Star Wars blast door, they open to reveal the main quarters.

Toronto Design

Custom cabinets and glass detailing peek into the history of the client’s collection. Myriad open shelves, angled display cabinets and closed storage units span the room and are illuminated by RBG LED lighting to create the galactic ambience. Larger cabinets are seamlessly hidden and operated by gas pistons allowing for a futuristic storage solution.

Star Wars

To really give the Star Wars project its futuristic edge, Design Matrix upcycled electronic waste and circuit boards to create sensational and textural elements to adorn the walls. The grey and silver backdrop enhances the details of the collection and give a realistic quality to the client’s dream spacecraft.

Whether you’re a Star Wars super fan or more of a Trekkie, Design Matrix Inc. reminds us through this project that design is here to bring our greatest fantasies into liveable realities. DESIGNMATRIXINC.COM



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