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6 Marble and Concrete Designs Ushering in a New Stone Age

Marble and Concrete Designs

This season’s chosen material is somewhere between a natural rock and a synthetic hard place

By Eric Mutrie

Marble and Concrete Designs -umbra
Not just another brick in the wall, Philippe Malouin’s desk lamp repurposes the rough building material as a sturdy, perforated base that supports a height-adjustable strip light. $220, at Umbra


Marble and Concrete Designs -rock-drifttable
Boewer’s Drift table plays with perspective. From certain angles, the Carrara marble piece’s heavy top appears to be supported by a single sheet of stone. $2675, at Lab Studio Design

Made from a mix of concrete, sand and fibreglass, Alessi’s moulded La Trama e L’Ordito centrepiece achieves a unique texture that mimics traditional basket-weaving techniques. Also available in red. $495, at Bergo Designs

The smooth finish and rounded shape of EQ3’s Jonah light shows concrete’s more refined side. The 40-watt pendant hangs from a grey fabric cord with a maximum length of 150 centimetres. $100, at EQ3

Marble and Concrete Designs -rock-rocktable2
With its concrete base and lacquered fibreboard top, MDF Italia’s Rock table makes a solid anchor piece in any breakfast nook. Perfect for those hooked on Cocoa Pebbles cereal. From $2315, at Kiosk

Dyed and polished to emphasize the concentric ring patterns found in cut agate, West Elm’s stoneware bookends are perfect for supporting long rows of rock star biographies. $20 ea, at West Elm

Originally published in our Spring 2015 issue as Rock Steady. Looking for even more marble? Read our roundup of five statue-esque designs done in natural stone.

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