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Studio Paolo Ferrari’s Extra Rolled Back Lounge is Our Product of the Year

Paolo Ferrari - Extra Rolled Back Lounge

With its “mega arms,” the low-slung armchair can comfortably sit a party of five

By Eric Mutrie
Photography by Arash Moallemi

While great for solo relaxing, Paolo Ferrari’s Extra Rolled Back Lounge reveals its true potential come cocktail hour. “It’s really a social animal,” Ferrari says. Thanks to the oversized perch-like proportions of its backrest and its “mega-arms,” the pseudo-armchair can comfortably seat a party of five.

By sitting so low to the ground (its square seat is propped up by only the rolled cushions on either side of it) the design effectively condenses the atmosphere of a sunken living room into a 160-by-110-centimetre footprint. Adding to its ’70s vibes is the studio’s preferred fabric for the lounge: a rich mohair straight out of Studio 54. “There’s a purity to its geometry, so we wanted something with a tactility that still invites people to engage,” Ferrari explains.

Hence the sculptural design’s approachability. “I oscillate between exploring form and reeling back to make sure something is still ergonomic,” he says. “I don’t want to put only exuberant ideas out there, but I also don’t see functionality as something fixed; not every piece needs to be made just for lying back and watching a movie.” Evidently, not every piece needs to be made overseas, either. In another luxurious twist, Extra Rolled Back Lounge’s plush upholstery is sewn and stuffed locally, by hand.

The real testament to the chair’s appeal came recently when Ferrari had a package delivered to his office. “The FedEx guy wanted to sit in it,” he says. “Which is the best compliment, because it means that people – and 
not just in the design world – actually want to engage with this otherworldly presence.” When it comes to this party, everyone wants an invite. STUDIOPAOLOFERRARI.COM

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