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This Sculptural Condo Responds to the Urban Landscape

By Sara Cunningham

1001 Broadview Residences
Broadview Ave & Mortimer Ave
Completion: 2020
From: $665,000 (65 square metres)

Quick take: Unobstructed views of the Don River Valley Park trail and the downtown skyline from an East York vantage point set this development apart. This mid-rise comprises luxe towns, condos and ample retail at grade, all within walking distance of the Danforth and public transit.

1001 broadview residences

From the street: Architecture firm Quadrangle devised a single-volume 10-storey building with inset balconies and punched windows that jives with the neighbourhood’s oblique typology. The angled cladding peaks at the intersection of Broadview and Mortimer in what’s described as a literal response to the urban landscape, while the abode’s eastern side features cozy cascading garden terraces, not unlike the residential rooflines below.

Moving in: The 111 suites are fully wired with smart programmable thermostats and energy-efficient appliances. There are also power hookups for your Tesla in the garage. Other amenities include a guest suite (for the in-laws), a lounge (for swanky Oscar parties) and a gym. When it’s time to head out, The Danforth Music Hall is the place to be.  VERTONDEV.COM

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