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Three Winterlicious Restaurants with DL-Approved Design


We hope you’re hungry

By Designlines

It’s cold, dreary and altogether less than pleasant outside, but Winterlicious, that once-a-year haute cuisine holiday (well, twice a year if you count Summerlicious), is back, making the trip outdoors worth risking. More than 200 restaurants are joining in this year, so unless you possess a preternaturally large appetite, you’re going to have to pick and choose. Let us help: below, we’ve rounded up a trio design-forward, DL-approved restaurants to get to while the getting’s good.


For Rosalinda, Bent Gable Design, who’s portfolio includes Luckee and the Thomson Hotel Diner, created an airy, flora-filled respite from downtown’s glass-clad high-rises. And as a wholly vegan restaurant, it doubles as a respite from downtown’s steakhouses, too. Check out the lunch and dinner menus here.

Bar Buca Eglinton

Midtown’s Bar Buca has the same clean lines, towering displays of wine, and cicchetti and aperitivi as its downtown counterpart, but unlike its sister restaurant, it has three-course Winterlicious menus for lunch and dinner.

Kasa Moto

Sprawling across multiple storeys and split levels, II by IV Design opted for a series of distinct vignettes rather than a consistent aesthetic throughout. There is one unifying theme, though: apropos its home in Yorkville, each surface, detail and piece of furniture has an unshakeably luxurious quality – not that we’re complaining. Lunch and dinner menus are available here.

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