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Where to Shop, Eat and Get Cultured in Toronto in 2015

Navigate the city’s design districts with our comprehensive neighbourhood guides

From the downtown core to the ‘burbs and back, each neighbourhood has its own distinct mix of furniture shops, showrooms, galleries and restaurants. Our 2015 guide gets you to the very best in modern and contemporary design.


Queen East

A ‘hood humming with vintage cool and newly inducted contemporary heirlooms.

Plus: the city’s best brioche, a side street that feels transplanted from England, and two art galleries dedicated to emerging talents.


King East

Prepare yourself for beauty overload and sticker shock on Toronto’s design mile.

Plus: the neighbourhood’s best watering hole, a must-see play, and new public art that marks the former site of the city’s shoreline.


King West

The finance and fashion district is stocked with condo solutions and lighting.

Plus: a diner where everyone knows your name, sharkskin-inspired swimsuits, and a hip new library branch.


Queen West

A promenade lined with big boxes and stalwarts, dives and the divine.

Plus: where hard-core espresso lovers get their caffeine fix, contemporary art hotspots, and a historic music venue being remastered for today’s listeners.



Posh, practical and even experimental goods – the trove just north of Bloor.

Plus: a beautiful brunch spot, where to party with T. Rex skeletons, and two up-and-coming architectural landmarks.


West End

Nineteen reasons why Bloordale, the Junction and Roncesvalles continue to rock.

Plus: cool brews, limited-run art books, and a tucked-away street undergoing a serious cultural renaissance.



Bliss for the DIYer – this northern stockpile of showrooms keeps on growing.

Plus: Toronto’s biggest onion rings, where to catch Pan Am/ Parapan American Games action, and a fun way to follow the progress of one of the city’s biggest infrastructure projects.

And more

Additional destinations off the beaten path and a short drive away.

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