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Trevisana Kitchens Commits to Sustainability – and Beauty


From reused materials to a one-for-one tree planting program, Toronto’s Trevisana Kitchens is a leader in eco-friendly design

What are the hallmarks of a great kitchen? Functionality, luxury, big style – and more often than not, a big carbon footprint. It’s uncomfortable to think about, but the environmental impacts of kitchen manufacture tend to be substantial. From deforestation to waste and chemical toxicity, beautiful cabinetry and stunning backsplashes often come with ugly carbon costs. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. In an era of climate crisis, companies are responding. In Canada, Toronto’s own Trevisana Kitchens & Interiors is leading the local industry with an approach that combines durable, timeless design with the highest material and manufacturing standards.

It all starts with design: The most eco-friendly kitchen is one that’s built to last. With a focus on function and versatility, Trevisana’s kitchens are manufactured with extreme durability in mind. Defined by a distinctly Italian flair, Trevisana combines a contemporary aesthetic with a tasteful aversion to short-lived trends. The result is kitchens that don’t look dated – and don’t need replacing – for many decades down the line. Quality materials, functional layouts, and streamlined modern designs create timelessly beautiful spaces. It’s a welcome counterpoint to the culture of disposable design – and the environmental costs that accompany it.

Trevisana Kitchens

For every solid wood kitchen kitchen manufactured, Trevisana also plants a tree. It’s a conscious effort to counteract the inherent climate impacts of manufacturing. “We believe in sustainable development without further degrading the environment,” the company says, outlining an “the importance of being aware of our resources and maximizing their efficiency through a focus on low carbon emissions in our production.”

While the ecological impacts of solid wood kitchens are mitigated by the company’s commitment to planting trees, Trevisana’s green mandate extends much further. Alongside solid wood, the company also makes extensive use of ecological panel, medium density fibreboard (MDF), and chipboard panel. Made with reused wood, ecological panel gives a second life to the leftovers of furniture manufacturing, while the extremely durable MDF and the lightweight, versatile chipboard panel, are made mostly from brushwood and wood production rejects.

Trevisana Kitchens sustainability

Manufactured with Forest Stewardship Council certification – widely considered a “gold standard” for sustainable wood – Trevisana’s reused and recycled products exceed the strictest global sustainability regulations. Even the glue used for ecological panel is entirely non-toxic, registering the lowest formaldehyde emission levels currently possible. Combined with a highly efficient manufacturing process and a commitment to offsetting environmental impacts, the use of low-carbon materials makes Trevisana a Canadian leader in sustainability. 

For Trevisana, much of the eco-innovation comes from meticulous attention to detail. A careful selection of high-quality, efficient materials is complemented by a kitchen design approach that favours timeless aesthetics to create durable, long-lasting cookery. None of it comes as a surprise: Trevisana Kitchens is well known for its focus on the finer details. In both aesthetics and sustainability, it shows.  

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