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Five Design Trends Bringing New Urban Sophistication to Kitchens

Toronto’s Trevisana Kitchens is leading the way in contemporary kitchen design – exemplifying five new trends that make the kitchen a highlight of any home

By Designlines in partnership with Trevisana Kitchens

Black Matte Finishes

While white and light-toned kitchens remain the default choice for many, a luxe black matte finish offers a daring – yet tactfully subdued – presence. Sophisticated and stylish, darker hues create a enticingly bold presence, while matte finishes lend a sense of tactile simplicity to the space.

Trevisana Kitchens, Black Matte Finishes

Easily paired with a variety of hues and finishes – as well as stone pieces – a darker colour palette also allows for playful moments of high contrast, elegantly framing lighter elements. The sleek simplicity of black matte finishes creates a fresh yet timelessly modern look that makes the kitchen a highlight of any home.

Wood Tones

Trevisana Kitchens

In recent decades, wood finishes were associated with faux-traditional kitchens and tired 1970s aesthetics. No longer. Contemporary wood finishes from Trevisana Kitchens offer an ambiance of warmth and comfort, all while maintaining an appealingly clean, modern look.

Trevisana Kitchens

Amidst the sleek and sanitized finishes that dominate contemporary kitchens, the rich grain of wood always offers a pleasingly earthy complement. Bringing natural tones into the space, wood finishes are a versatile design element, easily matching with a range of colours and furnishings to create aesthetically unified living spaces with a distinctly welcoming ambiance.

Concealed Storage

In home décor, less is almost always more. However, while the trend towards clean lines and unobstructed spaces has inspired appealingly streamlined spaces, a well-stocked kitchen can easily become cluttered, compromising even the best design.

Trevisana Kitchens

Luckily, new kitchens are increasingly being designed with deftly concealed storage, creating functional spaces that maintain a crisp and minimal aesthetic. Doing away with knobs and handles, streamlined storage solutions allow access with a simple push. The emphasis on simplified storage spaces declutters the kitchen on two fronts – tucking away unused cookware and appliances while making the space itself more visually appealing.

Integrated Appliances

Trevisana Kitchens

As compact urban living spaces become the norm, integrated appliances offer a space-saving and aesthetically sophisticated design solution. Perfectly fitted to the space, built in appliances help maximize usable surface and storage space while doing away with the nooks and cracks that can make kitchens notoriously hard to clean.

Trevisana Kitchens

A hallmark of high-end kitchen design, integrated appliances create a luxurious ambiance while seamlessly blending in with the cabinetry for a streamlined aesthetic.

Industrial Shelving

Trevisana Kitchens

Modular and uncomplicated, simplified shelving units offer light and versatile storage solutions with an on-trend industrial simplicity. In open concept homes, kitchen shelving can also serve as a partition wall, separating cooking and living areas into discrete spaces while maintaining a sense of airiness continuity – often making the home appear larger.

Trevisana Kitchens

Strategic use of materials in these shelves can add significant visual interest, texture and personality, all while serving as an elegant backdrop for an urban dwelling.

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