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Vanessa Fong Revives a Long and Narrow Victorian House

How local architect Vanessa Fong defied tradition and brought light into long and narrow Victorian

By Amrit Phull
Photography by Cindy Blazevic

While heritage homes have a charm only time can develop, light-filled interiors are not often a key feature of these coveted buildings of the past. Tasked with reviving the soul of a long and narrow Victorian home, Vanessa Fong Architect proposed a complete reshuffling of the interior spaces (built by Mazenga), converting the existing kitchen into a minimal and bright living area.

Blue-sky views were introduced via a 32.5-square-metre window within a new double-height space, allowing soft northern light to gently illuminate the living space and counteract the “bowling-alley” nature of this 100-year-old home.

This light well unites second storey with first and allows both floors visual access to two decks and beyond. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors on the ground floor provide a seamless indoor-outdoor connection while a simple coat of white paint maintains a perfect quality of light, even on the cloudiest day. VF-A.COM

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