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GE4 Electric Fireplace

Curate your perfect ambiance with the power of choice

By Designlines in partnership with Valor Fireplaces
Styling by Luke Elburn

Curating your space shouldn’t come at the cost of choosing between beauty and functionality. Whether you are upgrading an existing home or starting a new build, the Valor GE4 electric fireplace will help craft and customize the perfect ambiance. The system marries an unassuming design with the highly innovative features, elevating any room with warmth and elegance.

Valor fireplaces
Like all of Valor’s product offerings, the GE4 can be integrated into any interior design scheme.

Central to its design, the GE4 gives homeowners the power of choice. Choose between three Valor-designed fuel beds including birch, driftwood and splitwood and two wood-burning sound effect options—the perfect finishing touch.

Homeowners can also set the mood with eight interior lighting options, which can be manually set or automatically cycled. Lighting options range in warmth, tone and brightness, providing the ultimate control over spacial design.

interior design
The GE4 is compliant with the EcoDesign 2022 standard.

To offer a crisp view, the large viewing area features non-reflective glass, reducing the glare of outside light or interior surroundings.

Making installation a breeze, the Clean Install Kit, exclusive to the GE4, allows homeowners to install the contemporary fireplace without fronts and backing plates in your new build or a significant renovation of your existing fireplace. Beyond all else, the GE4 is a flexible alternative to a gas or wood fireplace and function using a simple plug-in. The fireplaces can also be hardwired, further optimizing its customizability.

GE4 electric Fireplace

To get cozy, fire up the heating element with onboard engine controls, the remote, or the C&J Smart App to control lighting, flame effects, and additional features. Enjoy the programmable timer, with allows homeowners to pre-set the heating of the GE4 electric fires for up to seven days.

Get ready to customize your comfort and maintain your unique design style with Valor’s GE4 electric fireplace. VALORFIREPLACES.COM

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