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Pictus Goods

Shelves with accessories at Toronto Decor store Pictus Goods

This eco-friendly floral + gift boutique offers the perfect range of uniquely designed products.

By Julia Landolfi

Woman-owned, eco-conscious, locally handmade goods – these are just a few of the many characteristics that make Pictus Goods a unique find in the Dupont-Lansdowne area. Although the floral industry can at times be extremely wasteful, this flower + gift boutique has made the conscious choice to opt for recyclable materials instead of single use plastics or floral foam, allowing them to run a relatively package-free operation. Aside from flowers, they also offer a wide variety of funky home decor — think resin catch-alls with encased petals or colourful beeswax candles — as well as some vintage-style jewelry and a wide selection of accessories, all handmade in Canada. And because each of Pictus Goods’ high-quality, unique handmade products are sourced  from local makers, you can feel good about gifting them – although, you’ll probably want to keep many of these cute wares for yourself. 

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