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Brothers Dressler

Lars and Jason Dressler love harmony – between design and the environment as much as between the human body and furniture. The twins’ emphasis is on sustainability, and all their designs – including their custom work – use environmentally responsible sources, including reused materials. They also use less damaging processes when they work. Their best-known furniture piece is Onedge, a rocking chair made from a single sheet of plywood (read: very little raw material waste) and joined with steel rods (rather than toxic adhesives). Onedge is a stellar example of the Dresslers’ craftsmanship and woodworking skills, and while wood is their main material, they are constantly experimenting with metals, concrete, plastic and glass. Recent projects include a new chaise longue and a modular sofa system. brothersdressler.com

Brothers Dressler

225 Sterling Rd
Toronto, ON M6R 2B2


416 910 5892