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4 Wild Wallpaper Patterns

Journey to lands beyond with wallcoverings inspired by the art of exploration

By Eric Mutrie

Wild Wallpaper Patterns

Wood Lot
From afar, Brent Comber’s Alder pattern resembles golden bubbles of champagne. Upon closer inspection, the commercial-grade vinyl print reveals sections of richly grained Alder wood logs. Count their rings to approximate their age. $15/sq ft, rollout.ca

Wild Wallpaper Patterns

Cool Cosmos
Designer Eva Germani depicts the Milky Way’s mysterious wonders. Golden constellations pop against the Wall & Deco print’s mottled indigo background. Install it in your bedroom to snooze among the stars. $20/sq ft, at Radform

Urban Jungle
Christian Lacroix’s digital print illustrates flora from various climes alongside architectural landmarks like Paris’s Parc de Bagatelle gates. The non-woven mural spans 3.6 metres. $2870, at MacFab

Wild Wallpaper Patterns

Rockin’ Roll
A dream for crystal fans whose gem collections have outgrown their caves, Flavor Paper’s purple print depicts amethyst from Arizona’s Saguaro National Park shot by photographer Boone Speed. Available mid-summer, call for pricing at Are & Be

Originally published in Issue 3, 2017 as Stuff: Wallpaper Goes Wild.

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