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Best of Design Week, Day 2: A Dear Deer, Plum Pendants & Cool Snow Tools

We’re out tagging the best products, designs and installations we encounter at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) and the Interior Design Show (IDS). Here’s our second dispatch from the wilds of Toronto.

From January 15 to 21, we’re awarding 100 Designlines Loves tags to the most beautiful, most innovative, and flat-out wackiest stuff we encounter. Keep track of everything we tagged in our master list and share your stories with us using the hashtag: #DLLoves18. Happy trails!

On Day Two of our Loves Tagging adventure we travelled north to St. Claire and Yonge – where we came face to face with a giant pink deer – and down through Rosedale and Cabbagetown to get to Gerrard and Dundas Street East. After a tour of the Daniels Spectrum building (by Diamond Schmitt Architects) we raced over to the Design Exchange before dropping into Commerce Court in the heart of the Financial District. At night, we joined the crowds at Average, where Tom Chung and Jordan Murphy launched their Cast Pendant Light for Menu.

In total, we handed out 10 Loves tags to some very deserving stuff, including the curator of an ambitious archival project, an army of “pet objects,” a set of snow tools crafted from fallen ash, and a student built peach-coloured, steel-framed hammock we’d so very much like to curl up into right this second. Swipe through the gallery above to see everything we loved.

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