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Published four times a year, Designlines is the ultimate guide to Toronto’s best contemporary furniture showrooms and decor shops, as well as the city’s most innovative residential projects. Designlines’ multi-pronged media platform includes print and digital editions of the magazine; an up-to-the-minute website; a weekly e-newsletter that reaches a wide audience of design savvy and design curious subscribers; and four growing social media channels that supply our followers with a constant stream of timely and visually compelling information. Every issue includes:

  • Invaluable source of information for professionals and design-oriented consumers
  • A showcase for the latest innovative home interiors, furniture and products
  • Reviews of new design stores and showrooms
  • Profiles of Toronto’s best designers and creators


Issue Themes

Issue 1: Designer of The Year

Celebrating the best local interior specialist with our Designer of the Year award package. Out January 2020.

Issue 2: Small Spaces, Smart Solutions

Ingenious and visually-intriguing ways to live large in the GTHA, no matter how small the footprint. Out April 2020.

Issue 3-4: Modern Renos Edition

Brilliant ideas from local interior design pros for big and small transformations of old urban homes. Out October 2020



Issue Distribution Dates

Issue One: Designer of the Year
January 10, 2020

Issue Two: Small Spaces, Smart Solutions
April 3, 2020

Issue Three-Four: Modern Renos
October 2, 2020

Freelance writers and retailers
Want to pitch stories or let us know about a new product line? Contact us at least two months in advance of distribution for editorial consideration.

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Contact our marketing coordinator, Stephanie Galt.