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Designlines Loves: The Top 100 Designs of Toronto Design Week

From January 19 to 25, hundreds of local and international designers, artists and manufacturers showed off their latest and greatest at events all across the city. For the fifth year running, we awarded 100 of the best products, installations and artworks we spotted with our Designlines Loves tags, specially designed by Sali Tabacchi.

Where did we hit? Find listings for the events we visited this year in our comprehensive Toronto Design Week guide.

What we tagged:

(Check out our daily dispatches to see photos and find out more about each design)


Dispatch 1: Hand-beaded Skulls and Cheeky Road Signs – Jan 15
At Come Up to my Room, Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W:
1 Revolucionario by Ricky Sosa
2 Orange Crush by DTAH
3 Common Thread by Sander Freedman, Riyad Bacchus and Andrey Chernykh
4 In a Space by Rose Broadbent
5 Interventions by TimeandDesire (Denis St Marie and Timothy Walker)


Dispatch 2: Elegant Woodwork and Trippy Textiles – Jan 19
6 Seattle Outside the Box by WantedDesign at Design Within Reach, 435 King St W
7 New York Outside the Box by WantedDesign at Design Within Reach, 435 King St W
8 Softline from Denmark collection at Urban Mode, 145 Tecumseth St
9 Macro Weave by Sofia Escobar at Urban Mode, 145 Tecumseth St
10 Wrap Yourself in Code by Libs Elliott at Cutler and Gross, 758 Queen St W
11 Bellwoods Forest by Hollis+Morris at Ella + Elliot, 188 Strachan Avenue
12 Villa Villa collection at 944 Queen St W
13 Loveseat by Tim Steadman at 1/16, Craft Ontario Gallery, 990 Queen St W
14 Lounge chair by Jake Whillans at 1/16, Craft Ontario Gallery, 990 Queen St W
15 In-Context by Andrea Lacalamita and Raja Moussaoui at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 506 Bloor St W


Dispatch 3: Designer Dining Tables and All-White Artwork – Jan 20
16 Still Life by Victoria Chin at White Out, TAC Art/Work Gallery, 568 Richmond St W
17 #ffffff by Bettie Cott at White Out, TAC Art/Work Gallery, 568 Richmond St W
18 The Bec Brittain collection at Hollace Cluny, 160 Pears Ave, Ste #203
19 Paul H. Cocker Gallery feature wall at Ryerson University Department of Architectural Science, 325 Church St
20 Urban Fabric photos by Scott Norsworthy at Urban Fabric: Portraits of a City, Textile Museum of Canada, 55 Centre Ave
21 Material Map – Toronto by Scott Eunson at Urban Fabric: Portraits of a City, Textile Museum of Canada, 55 Centre Ave
22 Dining environment by Uufie at Dinner by Design, Design Exchange, 234 Bay St
23 Dining environment by Mason Studio at Dinner by Design, Design Exchange, 234 Bay St
24 Exporting Toronto Design idea map by Erica Bota at Lightform, 267 Niagara St
25 Behind the Glass by figure3 at Haworth, 55 University Ave
26 Harbor at Haworth, 55 University Ave


Dispatch 4: Knitted Cacti and Gorgeous Gardening Tools – Jan 21
27 SI clothing rack by Anne Kwon at Tables, Chairs and Other Unrelated Objects, OCAD U Student Gallery, 52 McCaul St
28 Sado stool by Martin Luu at Tables, Chairs and Other Unrelated Objects, OCAD U Student Gallery, 52 McCaul St
29 April 30, 1904 by Tung at Coolearth Architecture Inc., 386 Pacific Ave
30 Min watering can by Anderssen & Voll at Mjölk, 2959 Dundas St W
31 Calgary Outside the Box at Opticianado, 2919 Dundas St W
32 Tree of Life by Sandra Brewster at Forever Interiors, 2903 Dundas St W
33 Smash Conservatory by Kalpna Pattel at Smash, 2880 Dundas St W
34 Urbanproduct showroom by Stephen Lindsay at Urbanproduct, 225 Sterling Rd, Unit #23
35 Blackbirds by Erin Mccutcheon at Urbanproduct, 225 Sterling Rd, Unit #23
36 Wheelchair by Icon at Urbanproduct, 225 Sterling Rd, Unit #23
37 Knives by Helve Haft & Handle at Zebuu, 1265 Bloor St W


Dispatch 5: Playful Swings and an All-in-One Cube Home – Jan 22
38 The Tempest by Morgan O’Reilly at Luc Bouliane Architect, 1259 Dundas St W
39 W-Dream by W Studio at the Interior Design Show (IDS), Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front St W
40 Smeg World at Euro-Line Appliances’ IDS booth
41 Swings by Philippe Malouin for Caesarstone at IDS
42 Wooster Street chair by Sebastian Herkner at Avenue Road’s IDS booth
43 Vele by Lago at Suite 22’s IDS booth
44 Cut and Fold chair by Tony Round and Andrea Kordos at IDS
45 Everything table and Well light by Ryan Taylor at IDS
46 Tiles by Mettro Source at IDS
47 Sit chair by Bivaq at Tusch Seating’s IDS booth
48 Heidi Earnshaw and Susie Osler’s IDS booth
49 Cubitat by Luca Nichetto for Urban Capital at IDS
50 1925 Workbench’s IDS booth


Dispatch 6: Terrific Tartan and Heavenly Lighting – Jan 23
51 Coast to Coast collection by Studio Eeuwes at IDS
52 Mammamia Punk chair by Opinion Ciatti at Radform’s IDS booth
53 Jerome sofa by Montauk Sofa at IDS
54 All-wood Frame prototype by WetStyle at IDS
55 “I See So Much of Myself in You” mirror by Antoine Jouet at Atelier Nomade’s IDS booth
56 Joynt chair by Lago at Suite 22’s IDS booth
57 Motus by Scavolini at IDS
58 48″ Dual Fuel M Touch Range by Miele at IDS
59 Quatrus Gourmet Series by Blanco at IDS
60 Anwar suspension light by Parachilna at Lightform’s IDS booth
61 Wallace light by Coolican and Company at IDS
62 Triangular light by MSDS Studio at IDS
63 Graffiti light by Living Lighting on King and Mediah at IDS
64 Lodge chair by Gus Modern at Stylegarage’s IDS booth
65 X900C TV by Sony at IDS
66 Access Americas by SUMO Project at IDS


Dispatch 7: Whimsical Seating & the Ultimate Soaker Tub – Jan 23
67 Sebastian Herkner’s Azure Trade Talk at IDS
68 Nautica hanging chair by Mut Design at Tusch Seating’s IDS booth
69 Modular carpet by Kinder GROUND at IDS
70 Hex chair by Geof Ramsay Design Studio in the Prototype section at IDS
71 Designs by the National Design Collective in the designboom market at IDS
72 Darwin bathtub by Slik Portfolio at Caml-Tomlin’s IDS booth
73 Fan mosaic tiles at Creekside Tile Company’s IDS booth
74 Shelf by Kino Guérin at IDS
75 Light W8 by Eugene Paunil in the Prototype section at IDS
76 Rushmore by Artifax at Northern Wide Plank’s IDS booth
77 Cork/Corian Boards by Tinsel & Sawdust at MADE, 867 Dundas St W
78 Whit by Steven Chodoriwsky at White Out, TAC Art/Work Gallery, 568 Richmond St W


Dispatch 8: Steam-bent Ash and a Psychedelic Tea Party – Jan 24
79 Common Copper Stool by Andrew Reesor at Untraditional at Made, 867 Dundas St W
80 Water Cooler by Jeremy Hatch at Untraditional at Made, 867 Dundas St W
81 Dick O’Kane chair by Paterson Composites at Upper 751, 751 Queen St W
82 Curiouser by WC The Store at WC The Store, 38 Ossington Ave
83 Maple knives set by Warehouse at The Shop, at Bosley Real Estate, 1108 Queen St W
84 Vancouver Outside the Box at No Foundation, 1082 Queen St W
85 Branch Lamp by LGA Architectural Partners at Philip Sparks, 162 Ossington Ave
86 Steamy Intentions by Lubo at Lubo, 1659 Dundas St W
87 A Priori by Nathan Clarke at Sovereign State, 827 Dundas St W
88 Foci pendants by the National Design Collective at Ervaneria Victoria Inc., 920 Dundas St W
89 Column side table by Khalil Jamal at Wonder Pens, 906 Dundas St W
90 Pour Me by Jenna Stanton at Barberella, 891 Dundas St W
91 Manhattan lamp by Rodrigo Caula at Working Title Shop, 126 Davenport Rd

Dispatch 9: A Forest Bogeyman and a Killer Credenza – Jan 25
92 Nathan sofa by Steve Wallin at Upper 751, 751 Queen St W
93 Stylegarage showroom at Stylegarage, 78 Ossington Ave
94 Catching Feelings by Trevor Wheatley at Gerhard Supply, 2949 Dundas St W
95 Reading/ Writing the Junction by Loki and Studio Jaywall at Cut the Cheese, 2901 Dundas St W
96 Keystones by Rob Southcott at Bill Boyle Artport, 235 Queens Quay W
97 Vegetable Lamb and Leaf Man by Janet Macpherson at Bill Boyle Artport, 235 Queens Quay W
98 Ice Villages by Richard Johnson at Bulthaup, 280 King Street E
99 The Imperative Divide by the Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown College School of Design, 230 Richmond St
100 Heartfelt Credenza by the Brothers Dressler at Brothers Dressler, 225 Sterling Road

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