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DL Loves Winners: Album 4

By Arta Ghanbari

If you braved the cold for Design Week, then there’s a good chance you spotted a Designlines Loves tag at the Interior Design Show or one of the dozens of offsite events. Our editors headed to exhibits across the city to see the latest from hundreds of local and international furniture manufacturers and designers, and when we saw a piece we adored, we hung a love tag on it.

Here’s the last batch from our pick of the top 100 products:

We loved this highlighter orange, Muskoka-esque chair in enviro-wood by Hauser at IDS. Though it resembles a traditional Adirondack for the patio or cottage, the slats run horizontally for a more contemporary look. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Loïc Bard joined QC Design – a collective of young Montreal designers showing lighting, furniture, and accessories – to show this fixture at the Interior Design Show’s Studio North exhibit. Originally from Paris, Bard has been studying woodworking in Quebec. Tagged by Catherine Osborne.
Bertazzoni’s six-burner oven/stove brings professional cooking into the home. Available through Distinctive Appliances Inc, based in Mississauga, the new popping orange colour is the result of an Italian collab between the kitchen appliance manufacturer and Ferrari. With the two manufacturers located close by in Italy, Bertazzoni used Ferrari’s expert painting facilities for the enamel finish. Tagged by Catherine Osborne.
Avani is a new brand extension for AyA Kitchens that brings the kitchen manufacturer into the realm of contemporary design. The new kitchen by Dror Benshetrit of New York’s StudioDror consists of an island with two countertops which nest onto each other. The top counter is on wheels and can be rolled out to create added counter surface space or rolled out entirely to becomes a narrow dining table. When the countertop is rolled back into its nested position, it hides the kitchen sink for a sleek uninterrupted surface area. Seen at IDS. Tagged by Catherine Osborne.
One of the most impressive products we saw at the show. Famed architect Guido Costantino even designed the aluminum and glass booth for Bigfoot Door at IDS. The high performance material of the glass wall supports the inset window – a twist and push of the handle and the window tilts at the top or turns at the side for ventilation. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Vancouver’s Archilume presented this LED sconce made with a cylindrical lens ad conical diffuser at IDS’s Studio North. Tagged by Catherine Osborne.
The other side of Caesarstone’s booth displays the stunning concept kitchen, tables and benches by London’s Raw Edges. A cafe has been set up with benches made of Caesarstone quartz countertops and wooden benches. Bushel baskets filled with root vegetables like squash and onions are inserted into the quartz. Tagged by Catherine Osborne.
Ryan Taylor’s Boat Blankets shown at Designboom’s market at IDS. The blankets are semi-waterproof on one side to prevent water absorption when boating and a large elastic band keeps the blanket tightly rolled and compact for impromptu picnics. Tagged by Catherine Osborne.
Choose from four chromatic palettes and mix-and-match patterns with neutral colours in whichever configuration you like. Ceragres’ porcelain tiles measure 15.24 by 45.72 centimetres. Tagged by Tory Healy.
DL-Jardin de Ville-CO
High-end outdoor furniture company Jardin de Ville’s plant satchel sources offcuts from sun umbrellas manufactured by JDV itself. This year’s addition to the line of beautiful beach bags and handbags are these herb planters that clip onto balcony railings or can be hung from wall hooks. Tagged by Catherine Osborne.
Spell’s Nomad Nightstand is a bedside table that fully charges smartphones and tablets close by while you sleep. Featuring a wooden dock and foam rubber and steel frame, the functional, compact table comes in four colours and with plenty of surface and storage space for books, a lamp and even your laptop for those Netflix marathons. All cables and chargers can be stored out of sight and charged from one main hidden AC supply. Available at Nieuw. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Lladro’s Belle de Nuit table lamp came as a pleasant surprise at IDS. Stationed in Valencia, Spain, the porcelain manufacturer is celebrating its 60th anniversary with this year’s catalogue full of sweet figurines like playful dogs and cats or romantic sculptures of lovers in embrace. More recently, the company has been working with contemporary and avant garde designers such as Jamie Hayon, Committee and Bodo Sperlein to change the perception of porcelain and push its capabilities. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Rollout’s shattered wood wallpaper at IDS is based on a photograph taken of light shining through the offcuts of BC woodworker Brent Comber’s furniture. Called Shards, the wallpaper is part of the Toronto-based company’s Artists Series. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Bettie Cott’s circle, square and triangle stools were exhibited at IDS’s Studio North along with other seating and wall-mounted coat hangers and shelving by the local design darling. Made of maple and upholstered in black wool with a subtle chevron pattern – a material used by tailors to fashion bespoke jackets – the stools can be matched together as a set or mixed with others due to their simplicity. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Toronto born and now Brooklyn-based furniture designer Reed Hansuld returned to the city to exhibit a collection of heirloom wood seating, including barstools and dining chairs. Standout: this strong and smooth walnut and steel rocking chair. The design and make is so labour-intensive, that only two exist. Spotted at IDS. Tagged by Tory Healy.
DL-Hollis and Morris-IDS-TH-web
Brand new design studio Hollis + Morris brought the city’s hotspots to the IDS show floor by way of coat stands, seating and even cutting boards. Each item is named for a part of town and the personality of these places is reflected in their forms. We love the Parkdale chair’s gritty, proud and bold look. Tagged by Tory Healy.
These concrete and wood Facet Clocks seen at IDS are based on traditional diamond-cutting patterns. We’ve been big fans of the National Design Collective for a while now, from their laser-cut “I Kind of Like it Here” city-shaped coasters and Maple Leaf Forever headphones made of maple and felt. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Local design star Derek McLeod’s flamecut steel side table stood out from a block away. Displayed in the window of Dundas West stationary store Wonder Pen’s, the ultra-reflective surface is polished and copper-plated to a mirror finish to complete the piece. Tagged by Tory Healy.
Rubi’s new line of Kronos bathroom features includes this freestanding tub filler presented at IDS. Available in chrome and brushed nickel, a notable feature is the extra sturdy carbon fiber handle and ceramic cartidge that prevents water from leaking into the floors. Tagged by Arta Ghanbari.

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