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Refresh Your Kitchen with These Peppy Designs

6 colourful pieces for the cucina that make dining in a treat

By Sara Cunningham

Take your kitchen style to the next level with bright pops of colours and clever solutions to reduce clutter.

1 Handy Dandy
This handcrafted-in-Canada kitchen sink is made from 100% recyclable materials. Not to mention, commercial-quality stainless steel that won’t corrode. Plus, it has an integrated cutting board, drying rack and colander that slide over one another to save space. Smartstation 30” Sink, Call for Pricing, at Ginger’s.

2 Hang it all
Anyone with an Instant-pot or Vitamix will tell you: counter space is everything. That’s why we’re obsessed with the under-cabinet Float utensil rack. It’s sleek, affordable and turns ladles into decorative objets. $20 at Umbra.

3 It’s a Party
Toronto designer Xenia Taler isn’t over terrazzo yet, and frankly, neither are we. Take home her ultimate party plate in four confetti-strewn colours, from pale yellow to jungle green. Best of all: these saucers are made from planet-friendly (and kid proof) bamboo. $48/4, at xeniataler.com

4 Eat Fresh
Montreal studio Îlot Culture turned their passion for edible, pesticide-free greens into this dreamy indoor hydroponic storage shelf. Handmade from aluminum, wood and ceramic with an integrated low-energy LED grow light, Hirta is the perfect way to cultivate fresh herbs and greens indoors. $1200, at simons.ca

5 Rough Cut
Next time you visit a Forno Cultura shop for espresso and biscotti, check out the rainbow-hued table-ware from Philadelphia ceramicist Felt + Fat. We especially love the unglazed, ruggedly earthy bowls and platters the studio handmade for the Italian bakery. Prices vary, at fornocultura.com

6 Pop Fiction
A version of this powder-coated barstool by Canada’s Scott Laughton first appeared in a late 90s collection by Pure Design. Now it’s back in production – in three heights perfect for any kitchen style – thanks to Div.12, an Edmonton furniture brand founded by Geoffrey Linge. SL17 Shop Bar Stool, $395, at Urban Mode.

Originally published in our Small Spaces 2019 issue as Spring Kitchen.

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