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CAMEO by Calligaris

Designed by Gino Carollo, Calligaris’ CAMEO dining table is the ultimate gathering spot. Its generous oval top and pedestal base maximize seating space. Available in medium and large fixed sizes, it comfortably seats eight or ten people.

For those tight on space, there are two extendable configurations with an easy-to-operate extension system. These flexible models open up to seat six to ten, or eight to twelve people.

With the ability to mix and match top and base finishes, CAMEO is customizable to suit any aesthetic. Select a wood top for a warm and elegant look or opt for something edgier in sleek ceramic, which comes in nine luxe finishes that mimic marble. Plus, the ceramic surface is scratch, impact, stain, and shock resistant – in other words, it’ll hold up to even the most boisterous of dinner parties.

The sturdy central column is available in matte black, white, and bronze-coated metal finishes, and powder coated in two layers for extra durability. For an added touch of glamour, the floor plate is also offered in painted brass.

Looking to replace your whole dining set? Calligaris’ Quadrotta or Ines dining chairs are natural mates for this versatile piece.

CAMEO Dining Table

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