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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Warm Your Cold Heart  


Browse our selection of great gifts for your design-minded loved ones this February 14th— they deserve a treat!

If you thought us Valentine’s Day skeptics, guess again. As far as we’re concerned, any reason to celebrate is a good one — especially where love is involved.  Plus, it’s the dead of winter, and everyone’s had a rough year: why not lean in to the gushy, the romantic, the hedonistic, and the sentimental? Who knows, it might be just what you need. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite design-y Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone — lover, partner, friend or otherwise.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Felt Flowers by Odin Parker

 It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day gift guide without a flower option — but we like to think outside the box. Handmade in Nepal by skilled artisans, these flowers made of New Zealand sheep’s wool are delicate, yet sturdy — and we can guarantee they’ll last much longer than a bouquet of roses from the grocery store.

$300, from Odin Parker

Valentine's Day Gifts - Tin Candle by Muji

Tin Candle by Muji

Inspired by the romantic scent of fresh roses, Muji’s soy wax tin candle is a minimalist’s dream. Once you’ve burnt the candle, you can re-use the tin as small storage or a trinket dish. Plus, it has a 40-to-50-hour burn time, so it’s one Valentine’s gift that will last longer than you think.

$40, from Muji

Whiskey Glass Set by Potion House

What’s better than sharing an aperitif with your honey after a long day? Very few things, we’d venture. These Art-Deco style glasses, paired with understated cast iron cocktail picks, will help you do just that. If you’re feeling extra, pick up some bitters and cherries and make a night of it with your very own cocktail bar.

$25, at Cocktail Emporium

Valentine's Day Gifts

Heart Key by Georg Jensen

For the design aficionado, this keychain by industrial designer Klaus Rath for Danish brand Georg Jensen is as timeless as it is practical. Made of stainless steel and neoprene, it’ll last forever — just like your love! (Ok, sorry).

$75, at Studio Brillantine

Merino Carafe Set by EQ3

Merino Carafe Set by EQ3

Bedside carafe sets may seem old-fashioned, but they’re an exceedingly useful way to keep your midnight glass of water handy (and dust-free). We’re partial to this glass set (including a carafe and a tumbler) by EQ3, which is modelled after the plush texture of Merino wool: it almost looks like it’s wearing a sweater.

$30, from EQ3

Potted Hearts by Flùr

Potted Hearts by Flùr

These heart-shaped vining plants (in this case, hoya kerrii —sweetheart vine — and a variegated string of hearts) are hand-picked for you and your loved one in honour of cupid’s special day. They come well-watered and potted in Italian terracotta planters, which will develop a unique patina as they age and grow with you.

$90, at Flùr

 Truck Slides by Yume Yume

 Truck Slides by Yume Yume

The middle of February is often the time of year where we wish we’d invested in a cozy pair of stylish slippers. Perfect for the weather, these slip-on slides feature vegan eco-wool lining for warmth and cushioning, and rubber soles — an ideal gift to keep your Valentine from slipping and sliding on their freshly-waxed hardwood floors.

$315, at 100% Silk

Valentine's Day Gifts -  Roma Lussa Journal by Cavallini & Co.

 Roma Lussa Journal by Cavallini & Co.

Love: it’s worth writing home about! Handmade in Italy, this dreamy leather-covered journal includes a classic flap and tie closure, and features beautiful marbled edges. No detail is left unconsidered: consider these 400 unlined pages for you to write or sketch you and your lover’s history — or future — together.

$85, at The Paper Place

Apothecary Hand Wash by Frama

Apothecary Hand Wash by Frama

Danish creative studio Frama has branched out from their usual portfolio of furnishings to create a brand-new body care collection, entitled St Pauls’ Apothecary. Their signature scent, which features notes of Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood and Cedar, is reminiscent of their down-to-earth design sensibilities — and this hand soap, which comes in a reusable and minimalistic glass container, is a perfect example.

$69, at Average

Valentine's Day Gifts - Candlelight Fondue Set by Crate & Barrel

Candlelight Fondue Set by Crate & Barrel

Sometimes, it’s best to go back to basics on Valentine’s Day — and this ceramic fondue set exemplifies the beauty in rudimentary. A glass and oak base holds five tea lights to slowly and gently warm the pot’s contents, and also serves as a twinkling centerpiece once the pot is removed. Use it to serve melted chocolate or gruyere — whatever feels right.

$150, from Crate & Barrel


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