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A Striking Bridge Defines DTAH’s Edgeley Pond and Park

DTAH Black Creek Edgeley Pond and Park Etobicoke

DTAH has designed a restful park with a flashy red bridge that activates land around Black Creek

By Sara Cunningham

Residents of Vaughan’s burgeoning metropolitan core will soon have a public park to explore on the edge of Black Creek. Dovetailing a new condo community, the DTAH-designed, and WSP-engineered, Edgeley Pond and Park is one part social hub, two parts innovative storm water management system and ecological habitat. There’s a striking bridge that leads over a natural island (occupied by swaying 200-year-old red oak trees), offering stunning views without the possibility of wet feet. Sculpted pathways and landforms lead visitors down from the street into the park, creating trails and scenic pit-stops while also managing runoff. Other just-for-fun social spaces include a splash pad and skating loop.

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